Is there a way to play an mp3?

Hello! I have an API that can return an mp3 file? Use case is like an audio book. Is there a way to play it in Adalo?

Thank you!

There isn’t a native MP3 player, but you can link to the file and it will play in a browser webview window?


We should be adding a audio player component in the next couple of months.

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I tried this but the player is not showing up. Thanks @dosandco!

That’s great news @Ben! Hope all is well with the Adalo Team!

What does your link to the file look like?

Here’s a sample link:

Did you find a way to play audio? Thanks

Can you update the progress on an audio player component? I am building an educational app with a series of short audios, each with accompanying images. My audios are stored on a website (external URL).

5 months I have been waiting and still no audio :frowning:

Any news on this? It would be great!

This has recently been moved to “In Progress” on the roadmap: