Is there a way to trigger notification for first time only?

Hi folks,
is there a way to trigger notification only for the first time to notify to invite the user to the APP and once they are in the APP, notifications stop?

If you add a checkbox to the user “Invited?” and change that to true the first time the action workflow runs, then change the workflow so it only runs if “Invited?” is false, it will only run once.

Can you please elaborate on this one!

Which bit?

  1. Create a new checkbox field on the user and call it ‘invited?’
  2. When someone triggers the invitation, have it (a) send a notification to the relevant User; and (b) change the ‘invited?’ field of that user to true.

In the workflow for (a), only allow it to run if the relevant User’s ‘invited?’ is false. You can have the workflow for (b) run every time or only if the User’s ‘invited?’ is false.

The next time someone tries to invite that user, it won’t send a notification because the user’s ‘Invited?’ is already true. In this way, the notification will only send once.

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