Knowing if a user allowed notifications

Hi guys,

I can’t find the information related to this.

If a user allows notifications, where is that information saved?

I’m asking because I would like to trigger some actions depending on that information.

Basically, “If <user allowed notifications> then...

Is that possible?

Hi Charles,

Not sure! Maybe Adalo Team can add some information about this that is this something coming in the future or already there? :slightly_smiling_face: { I’m sorry for tagging Adalo Team members. Interested to know about this :smiley: : Jesse (@jessehaywood ), Patrick ( @pford ), Ben (@ben1 ) }

And this post by Victor also will help you! : How can I check if a user has allowed notification permission? - #2 by Victor

This topic will help too! : Way to see whether user accepted push notifications?

Thank you


Thanks @dilon_perera

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Hey @charleshope and @dilon_perera,

Right now this is stored on Adalo servers, but not surfaced in the UI for use anywhere. Im not aware of a plan to surface that in the near future, but o do see the utility of doing so. Please submit that at!

A way that comes to mind you could maybe work around that is to trigger a notification via the notification API, and based on the response, update a boolean on the user record. You can so this via Make or Zapier, or probably with some creativity using a custom action, and conditional actions.


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