Is there an easy way to edit using my phone?

I feel like it’s almost impossible to edit my app from my phone. I’ve tried using desktop mode, but I can’t figure out how to navigate and zoom in and out of my screens. Anyone know of a good way to edit from their phones?

As far as I know, it’s not possible.

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Ok. Thanks for the reply.

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Just sharing my experience :- Sometimes ( When my computer is not with me ) I’m editing my apps with my phone. But for simple things ( change colors, change images,create a database,add records etc).

To zoom I’m double clicking on the screen and I can zoom the screen. But It’s a bit hard to get the zoom. Need to reload the tab , off the desktop mode and on again etc. It’s hard to do edit with the phone because no way to move a component in the screen and some other things.

The best is to edit the app through your computer. It’s better and easy!

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@Mannah888 I wouldn’t recommend it. As @dilon_perera has mentioned you may get away with it for small items … but if your app grows to say 40-50+ screens the editor simply won’t load or crash on most mobiles. If your app is small then basic things will work… but nothing like drag or drop will work. You should use Parrells Desktop, Team Viewer or Microsoft Remote Desktop with Cloud AWS Or Azure Virtual Machine.

If you reallyyyyyy want to use mobile or ipad, personally I have done so by using Microsoft Remote Desktop with AWS / Azure Cloud Machine or Parallels Desktop (essentially logging into your own PC OR Cloud PC Created on AWS or similar. With the Microsoft Remote Desktop app you can have access to CRTL, Shift, Alt buttons making navigation much easier thus like sitting at your PC.

I only really needed to do the above due to my PC getting repaired and used iPad in the interim for the above. Wouldn’t go out of my way to do it again.


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