Set relationship while creating records in airtable

How do I set up the relationship between 2 tables in an external database like Airtable? I need to move my entire database to airtable since it’s difficult to view entire data in one-go in Adalo. Any suggestions are welcome.

Not sure if I clearly understand your problem, but if you’re talking about linked records in Airtable and sending data from Adalo to be able to send linked record information, this is doable.

You need to use custom actions and use “typecast”=true in your json.

Your Airtable API documentation has the details on how to send the typecast parameter. Look for a table with linked records and check the Create records writeup.

Thanks a lot for the reply @bhanu. But what should I send in the body that creates relationship (eg. id/name of that record)
2. How? It does not show me anywhere to send that data (as it uses to show me while dealing with Adalo database like current table1, current table2 and assign that as a whole to add that as relationship)
Please help

@Deepakjain can you share screenshots of what you’re trying to do to help me visualise your issue at hand please?

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@bhanu Now I am struggling with this as well. I have one Airtable database with pieces of equipment, and would like to connect service/repair requests to those pieces of equipment via the app.

I was able to create a custom action using the JSON:

The only time I am able to update the table of service requests is when I run the response test!

Can you explain to me how I need to change things in order to make this work? I do not understand.