Why the QR code Scanner doesn't work on my web app?


I’m bulding a web app with a feature based on a qr code scanner. I don’t need to generate any qr code I just need to scan qr codes with urls. But when I add the component qr code scanner and preview, I have this :

Hi @Ayoub,

I guess this Qr Scanner is the one that in the marketplace?

As far as I’m aware that don’t work with PWA and only in Native.

There are two Qr Scanners that works in PWA and you could use them!

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera,

Thanks for you answer. Always there :wink:
Quick question, is this a component that I have to create based on Pragmaflow librairies for example ? I have to subscribe as an Adalo developer ?


For download Pragmaflow Components watch this video made by @TKOTC!

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Great thank you @dilon_perera

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Hello, did you test if it works in webap?

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