Is this possible? Site blocker

I’d like to build a site blocking app with Adalo - is this possible?
-Would it also be possible to surface a text input on “blocked” page?

Welcome to the community @mich

Can you explain in more detail what you’re trying to accomplish?

I’d like to create an app where I can create a list of websites and apps to block. When the user navigates to these sites/apps, instead of seeing the site/app, they see a popup that blocks them from the site/app. Additionally, the popup should prompt them to reflect on what brought them to the site and surface a text input where they can journal about it. Ideally we’d be able to save those journal “entries.”

Hope this helps!

It’s not possible in Adalo to detect websites that a user is browsing in order to trigger a popup.

However, at minimum, the journaling part can be done in Adalo. You can create a database collection of journal entries with a text parameter (website URL), another text parameter (the journal entry), and a relationship between users and journal entries (users can have many entries, entries belong to 1 user).

Thanks so much! This is good to know. I appreciate it.

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