Is this possible to build an app like this in Adalo

Maybe some nice and experienced soul could tell me if such things are possible to create in Adalo?(if not then Id rather invest time learning bubble or something else)

  • mission clock alarm - user has to do some math equations or walk somewhere to desactive the morning alarm
  • day tracker f.e. how many days were spent on a certain habbit
  • daily tasks f.e. user is prompted every day with a certain activity to do
  • app blocker - functionallity that will block the access to sites like facebook/instagram etc.

In addition what would be the sufficient license for such app?

Hey there @alex3 Welcome to the community :sunglasses:

mission clock alarm - not possible
day tracker - Yes, this is possible
daily tasks - Yes, this is possible
app blocker - not possible

Adalo doesn’t interact with other apps, like the alarm clock or web browsers. You may need to hire a developer to build custom components for the clock and app blocker requests as I’m not sure if they are even possible.

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