Is this type of monetization strategy possible with Adalo?


My planned app is to be web, but I want to make it for the mobile stores eventually as well.

One planned monetization feature idea is I would be planning on taking a set fee, or perhaps a percentage of a sale when a user makes a request. Say a user wants to book something and sends a request to the other user they are booking from.

When the request is accepted, I would take my transaction fee. Almost like a commission.

I don’t want to charge for the app itself, and I don’t want to charge a subscription fee. Is that type of monetization strategy possible in the app stores / Adalo? I see I can use Stripe to process payments. I see an In-App purchase component as well, though that doesn’t seem applicable.

Would I have to just have the user confirm the Stripe payment every time they confirmed the process, or are there other payment APIs I’d be able to tap into? Would Google / Apple be taking their cut from all of these purchases, as well as Stripe?

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