ISO a dedicated co founder and part owner

I’m not sure if this is the place for this or not. Perhaps not, mods can delete it if need be.

This will probably be an odd post - Let me start by saying my name is Thomas Moore, and I am the founder of an app called PoliTorium. I am in search of a a dedicated developer/operator who is passionate about bringing change to the policies across America. PoliTorium is a place to discuss politics without the trolling, gotcha moments, spam, or hate fueled arguments. PoliTorium is a form of social/educational platform, meant to encourage current and younger generations on why it’s important to use your voice, why you should vote, and the power of our society acting in union with one another.

As far as structure goes, the app is essentially finished (as far as a structured, usable layout goes). We are looking to build a team. We’re currently launching a marketing campaign, as political debates and such pick up in America, we see this as the time to dig in and begin building the company.

I have an “app showcase” on the proper page, though it is titled and branded as “PolitiWise”. We’ve rebranded and changed the name of the app to be more unique.

We fully intend on sticking with this project until the end, forever encouraging our nation to band together to make the changes they desire. To educate one another, and to live outside of the echo-chamber. We find it vitally important to develop and express your own opinion, and that is what we will forever represent.

What makes our app unique, unlike any other platform, is our transparent Ban/Mute system. There is no algorithm or moderators that will silence a user based on a bias opinion. If a user is flagged for trolling/hateful content/etc… they will be given a chance to publicly but anonymously appeal the content, and the community will decide if it is against the ethos and conditions of PoliTorium.

What we ask from our users, is to always maintain an attitude and desire for progressing the conversation, whatever that conversation might be. We aren’t looking to build another “going to the mall” app. This platform isn’t your standard what’s on your mind app. This app means to bring respect back into politics. To return politics to the gentleman’s sport that it once was. To change the path that our nation is on where politics is nothing but a popularity/slander contest. It seems we’re ALWAYS choosing between the lesser of two evils, and it’s horrendous. Our nation’s politics affects a LOT of the world, and I find it fair to everyone for us to get back to the way of doing this with compassion and respect. When did we get to the point where instead of a campaign talking about the good the politician does, they would prefer to just smear their opponent and talk about the bad their opponent has done? The features we have come up with for this platform seem desirable, and helpful to the community. We’re not stopping there however. What we need, is a developer more experienced than ourselves. Someone who can take our features and turn them into a flawless function of the platform.

Everyone KNOWS we need a platform with open-mindedness for political discourse, but no one finds it possible or feasible.

What we are looking for is a partner. Not to hire a developer, but someone to join our ranks with a SERIOUS and DEDICATED attitude to make the change each and every American knows we need to make.

We are fully prepared to draft contracts, issuing a share percentage of the company to a partner who seems fit and desires the position for the long term.

As I mentioned, I wasn’t sure where else a post like this would go - but it is a very serious post and if it isn’t hurting anything, hopefully it can stay.

PoliTorium will be around for a long time. Though currently founded and operated by 2 people, we hope to bring some muscle to our ranks.

Thank you all for reading.



Certainly! Here’s a revised reply:

Hello Thomas,

Your vision for PoliTorium is certainly intriguing and aligns with the need for a more respectful and constructive political discourse platform. It’s great to see a commitment to transparency and community-driven moderation.

To attract dedicated web developers, consider highlighting the technical aspects of your platform, the specific technologies you’re using, and any unique challenges or innovations in the development process. Emphasizing the long-term commitment and the opportunity for a partnership with a share in the company is a compelling factor for potential collaborators.

In your quest for a dedicated web developer, it’s crucial to outline the technical requirements, preferred skills, and the role’s responsibilities. This will help attract individuals with the right expertise to contribute to the success of PoliTorium.

If you’d like assistance in crafting a more detailed and targeted message to attract dedicated web developers, feel free to share additional information about the technical stack, specific requirements, and goals for the development phase.

Best of luck with your search to hire a dedicated web developer for PoliTorium!