Things just stop working and no support response

I thought I loved Adalo, but things just randomly stop working in my app. Today, two user fields just aren’t updating that are needed to set a user’s time zone (UTC) offset (because of course we have no control over time zone display). They’re automatically set upon visit of Home Screen. Previously it worked fine, but now the fields just don’t update so all times are displayed wrong.

This is in addition to the issue where my create new event form doesn’t populate a database date-time field (unless I create a new action explicitly updating the newly created field to itself). Plus all the other minor things.

I submitted bug reports for three items and haven’t heard back (not even an acknowledgement). None of what I’m doing is terribly complicated but I’m so frustrated right now, I needed to rant. Adalo is very unreliable to me…

Hi @paulh ,

I get what you are having, I was in the same boat, but fortunately managed to escape for workarounds.

If you can strip down your app into just issues you are having, and make it cloneable, so we can examine specifically how and what is not working.

Just friendly recommendation.

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Hi Yongki, Here are the screens where the actions happen. This is set on the home screen.


Here is the User record:

I have another draft app that is for testing and it seems to be updating fine.

Hi @paulh ,

Ohh it is at home screen.

Try using another additional screen as home and link to this screen from there. I call this redirect.

But I shouldn’t have to. It was working fine before today and my test app works like this. If I navigate away from home and come back to home, or refresh the screen it doesn’t work either.

Another one if you want to try is to have countdown and do actions from there.

I could try that, thanks. But I feel that we have to keep adding workarounds to get things to just work. This page already has many conditionals so I’m wary about adding more things that could slow it down.

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So what’s even weirder is that a user that was previously there is updating these fields just fine, but if I create a new user, it’s just not updating at all. I also tried updating field just with a set number (rather than a calculation) and it didn’t work, I also tried creating a new record and it didn’t work.

It’s like my Adalo database is screwed behind the scenes somehow. And Adalo don’t seem inclined to help out…

This is a little bit extreme, but I would just throw it due to the situation.

Delete those affected fields and create them again.

Silly but it worked for me in the past.

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Do you mean in the database? Ugh, it’s used in multiple places… But if nothing else works I guess that’s all I can try

But this just makes me worried about in the future once the app is published with paying users…

Hi @paulh

To the best of my knowledge, all times are going to appear in the user’s current timezone, regardless of your settings. If you find a way to calculate their current timezone vs a different timezone and post the times in the other timezone, then the user will still see the difference. In short, times are always local.

We have an app where we post times available time slots for several different timezones. The app manager posts those times offseting for that difference - they’re on EST, so they post CST an hour after the actual time etc. No way around that.

Depending on your specific use case about what you’re trying to achieve, I’d recommend finding a different way of doing it.

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Yes I know the limitations of Adalo and time zones, this was a work around that was previously posted here Date&Time Error... does Adalo account for Daylight Savings? - #4 by karimoo and discussed here Question about timezone handling?

So I deleted the fields and the references to them in other screens, deleted all users and other records, and then added the fields and actions back.

The first user I added, it worked and updated correctly.
The second user I added it didn’t work anymore.

So it’s only working on the first/one user and none others.

I am sorry that I am running out of idea, I never had this before.

Thanks for trying anyway @Yongki

So this is similar to another issue where I create an event with a time-date picker, but the new record just doesn’t populate the time-date field. All the either fields are fine. But the really weird thing is that other calculations that use that field are calculated. But if you look at the record that field is empty… Go figure.

I put in a Adalo support ticket a week ago, but no one responded.

FYI Adalo does not respond outside of working hours. If you submit a ticket late Thursday or Friday, you probably won’t get a response until Monday or Tuesday.

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The tickets were submitted a week ago

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