Weird random behavior caused by "Instant navigation"

Hello all,
Recently I have noticed some issues with my published app on Android only, IOS is fine, and after investigation I found that issues are happening on actions where Instant navigation is switched on, sometimes action is happening twice, and other times some actions are totally skipped!

anyone noticed such behavior?
it is happening only on Android and it is not consistent, maybe Android version has something to do with it!

Hello, can you please provide more information or screenshots for the issue that you’re experiencing?

Thank you!

Hello Ali,
Actually it is hard to provide a sample since the issue is not happening with me personally on my device, but from my users actions I noticed the issue
For some cases it is just a button with 2 actions, first one is to creates a transaction record, and another action is to go to next screen
Sometimes it is creating 2 transaction records then go to next screen
Same screen same button is working well for other users
When I looked at all the issues found that it is happening on places where instant navigation is enabled

And it is happening only recently, my app is published since September and issues started within the last 2 weeks only

What helps for me is turning of instant navigation on buttons with more than one action. It’s help with performance. That way the actions have time to properly trigger and check for a Boolean.

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Exactly this is what I am doing now, disabling all instant navigation

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here is a cloneable sample app

the issue here comes when using few steps, like the button will show a counter, and the counter will perform 3 actions, 1- creating a record, 2- updating the newly created record, 3- navigate to screen2

with “instant navigation” step 2 is skipped totally, giving in consideration that this is a very light weight app with only 2 screens and 1 collection and showing this issue on the web previewer!!! so even in this case instant navigation is not usable

** FYI step 2 is supposed to duplicate the entered ref #, just to show something for testing

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