Issue in DB with the "Update" feature


I am creating a meditation app. When a user has finished to listen an audio, I would like to replace the value of a field (“nb”) by “1” in database regarding this audio. To do that, I use the “Update” feature, but nothing happens (I still have the old value). Do you have any idea why please?

Thanks a lot

You have to grab the current count and add one.

So in that nb parameter there, insert a custom formula where it adds 1 to the current count.

In that field, insert Current Listened Song > nb + 1

Current listened song > nb is magic text.

Like this:

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Sorry I didn’t explain well, count +1 is not my issue. The data regarding to the audio are not updated when the song ends (for instance, another field called “isFinished” is supposed to change to True, but it remains empty).

Thanks a lot in advance

To give more information:

  • I have the following collections:
  • Users
  • Songs
  • Listened Songs → each line represents a song listened by a user
  • I have the following screens:
  • first screen: I have a list of songs
  • seconds screen: there is an audio player to listen to the song selected in the first screen

When I click on an song in the first screen for the first time (first time for each song), the song is added to the Listened Songs collection

When a song is finished to be listened to in the second screen, I would like that the current song in “Listened Song” to be update with the value “isNew” to go to True, but nothing happens. Here is my condition.

It is like it doesn’t recognise the current song in Listened Songs

Here is the app in case: RESPIRATION v15

Thanks a lot!