When an audio is listened, how can I update an icon?

Hi, I am creating a meditation app.

When users start a program, they have a list of audio to listen to.

When an audio ends, which action can I make so the audio (in the list of audios) is displayed as “listened” please? (with a specific icon or button)

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Thank you in advance!

You can a text to the audio collection , label it as status and add an action to update status of audio as “Listened” .Then use this status to filter the audio list

Interesting thank you!
The thing is I would like to mix “listened” and “not listened” audios, in the same list like this:
v Audio 1
v Audio 2
x Audio 3
x Audio 4
x Audio 5

do you think it is possible?

You can have one list with all audios , then have a visibility feature with two icons , one to show when current audio status is “Listened” and the other to show when status is “not listened”

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I’m sorry for interfering! But I think the status text property will apply for every user. Because there is one audio collection and every user can see it. I think you need a relationship property ( many to many ) and Update current audio>add logged in user to that relationship property. But I read some posts that many to many relationships are become slow when the user count increases. For that you can create another collection ( Joint Table ) and store the listened songs by that user.

I have created a quick app with another collection ( Joint Table ) to store the listened songs. ( Not using the many to many relationship property)

Thank you

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Thank you for your help

Thanks a lot for your help, I checked your app this is exactly what I want to do!

I just cloned your app to check.

A question: when a user listens 2 times the same audio, will it add the audio twice to the collection “Listened song”?

Thanks a lot in advance

Oh yes! You have to make the Create action conditional.


Thanks a lot.

Sorry to bother, last one thing. I cloned your app to try, but when I add a collection called “Programs” (1 program has many songs), it doesn’t work anymore, do you know which relation should have Songs, Listened Songs and Programs please?

Thanks a lot

Your Welcome!

Which part is not working? And a Song can have one Program and a Program can have multiple Songs right? Maybe this video can help you!

Thank you

Thank you so much for your help. The part that is not working is when I am on the Songs page (from the Programs page): when I want to display the Songs list, I don’t have the “Current Program > Songs” option, only the “All songs” one

Here is the project if you want to check: Audio Player Completed Clone II

Thanks a lot again

Does the Current Program Data is available in that screen ( the screen that has the songs list ) ?

I tried to check your app but I’m stuck at Profile screen. I think you have set the Profile screen as the welcome screen.

It wasn’t indeed :slight_smile:
Indeed it works now!! thanks a lot you made my day :slight_smile:

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