Issue With CSV Download Not Working

I’ve been trying to download the database for a couple of days now and also tried different browsers and nothing happens. Has anyone been experiencing this?

Hi Jona,

I tried to download my collection now and it downloaded. It has 100 records.

What happen when you click the Download button?

Thank you

Hi Dilon,

I have about 4.7k records, so it’s pretty large. When I click the download, nothing happens.

Have you tried on a different computer? Maybe downloads are blocked on your browser.

@James_App_Maker - I was able to download the database when it was less than 300 records, so it’s definitely not blocked by my browser.

Is there something other than text properties that you added AFTER the 300 records? What properties are there in the collection?

@James_App_Maker - no, it’s just more are users signing up.

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