Issue with Google Sign-in


I followed every steps of this tuto Sign in with Google - Adalo Resources, but the Google Sign-in doesn’t work on Apple (whereas the Apple Connect works and I have already publish the app on iOS and Android).

Do you have any idea why please?

What error do you get?

Can you share a screenshot or screen recording of the issue you get?

Also make sure you have Apple sign in in your app if you want Google sign in on iOS

The thing is I don’t have any error, nothing happens when I click on the Google Sign-in button on my app.

Yes I added the Apple Connect button (which works perfectly)

Hi Gary, did you submit a support ticket for this? I think it’s a bug, seeing similar problems on a customer app.

Sorry for my late reply, yes I asked the customer support but they did not tell to much, only it is the way I configure in the Play Store settings.

Have you solved your issue with your customer app?