Sign in with Apple and Google

Hi all!
Apple/Google sign-in buttons have been added to the app.
I did everything according to Adalo’s instructions. There were no problems during the process.
The application is published in the web version.

So in the web version:

  1. Apple Sign In Button - Not Working (White Screen)
  2. Google Sign In Button - Not Working (Error 400)

In preview:

  1. Apple login button - works (login occurs and a user is created).
  2. Google login button - does not work (error 400).

Please, help…

Thank you in advance:-)

Go back to the Adalo guide and start from scratch. Follow it to the letter. It works.

Thanks for your reply!
What is the probability that after walking the path again, I will not encounter this problem again? After all, the steps will not be different from those that I have done now.

Are there any browser plugins that might be affecting it? Have you tested it in an ‘ingognito’ Chrome tab?

That’s the thing. I followed the steps to the letter and it works.

So you may believe you followed all the steps, but it looks like you missed something somewhere.

Hello, as @charleshope has mentioned, If you’re experiencing these issues in implementing the Apple & Google Sign-in, then there might be an error with the configuration. So, please make sure that you have followed all the steps from the guide, and please review the URLs that you have written while doing the configuration.

Thank you!

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