Passing data between screens

OK, I’m hoping someone can help me at least understand why this issue is happening so I can try to find a workaround. I have an app that records information on hospitality audits, our first screen shows a list of audits the user has assigned to them at the backend. They select an audit from the list and we move forward to a list of sectors, like dining area, kitchen, etc. From there they get a list of things to check(internally called touchpoints), this is called Sector details. They select their touchpoint(TP) and go to a screen(TP details) to enter details about it. When they finish that touchpoint they are displayed a modal asking them if the are finished with that TP. When they click cancel it takes them back to the TP details screen, when they click complete I want to go back to the Sector details screen.

The issue is when going from the modal to the Sector details the only data being made available by Adalo is the Current TP(useless in Sector details screen), Current Sector and Current Audit are both greyed out, despite all 3 records being available and updated on the modal screen.

Hi Graham,

This issue happens with a lot of makers when making their app. :slight_smile:

I would suggest you watch this video by @pfordmedia.

Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Missing From Screen, Data Loops and Flow Breaks

@James_App_Maker Thanks for your reply. What I don’t understand is why the data becomes unavailable? As you can see from the screen shot the data is available on the screen right up until I actually link it to the Sector details screen.

That video was discussing what happens when you skip screens but I’m not skipping here I’m going back to a previous step in the chain. The one peice of data actually being sent is the one peice I do not need.

Hi @Graham,
I too am having this problem, on most of my screens.
I’ve been building my app for the past 5 months, however recently I’ve noticed that on most of the screens (around 40 or so) the Linked Data is missing.
Some of the screens I’ve not changed since they were created months ago.
I’d encourage you to log a support call to bring it to the attention of the devs…

This is just one example of what I’m experiencing:

Hi Graham,

I’m taking a guess here that there’s another way to go to the sector details screen? Usually this issue arises when one of the other routes doesn’t have that information.

The second most common reason is the relationship structure. Can a TP have multiple sectors or multiple audits? This could be an issue from another route with another collection too. In short, if there could be multiple options, the link will break and you need to tell Adalo which option you want it to go to.

One workaround for all of this is make the button a list of sectors filtered to current sector name = sector name. It’ll be a list that only shows one item and will renew that link.

Hope that helps.

I just wish they’d let us specify what data to make available to each screen, would make things much simpler.

@Erik, yes there is another way to access the sectors list but it also has the current Audit and current Sector. After the user closes the current Touchpoint I want to loop back to the Sector Details of the current sector. The bit that makes no sense to me is the 2 it has greyed out are the 2 that without the link are available to that page already.

So currently it goes Audit > Sector > Touchpoint. When they click complete on the Touchpoint modal I want to go back to the current Sector screen. I have worked around it for the moment by going back to the Touchpoint from the modal and have an action set on the Touchpoint details that fires when it is complete to go back to the Sector but that puts a delay in the works and when they have to do 300 of these touchpoints per audit that delay adds up.

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