Issues with Nocode HTML Render?

Anyone else have an issue with using Nocode HTML Render textbox cutting off (not scrolling) my text?
I have a database that has text formatted with html and the Nocode textbox using magic text pulling that list in. when it pulls in a text hat is a little longer it cuts off the txt and I cant scroll to see it. it works fine in the web base previewer app, but I published to testflight app and it doesnt work right. I have tried putting it in a rectangle component, I have tried limiting the height of textbox I have tried not limiting the height…
I am stumped at this point

I think @knight is the developer of this component, he might be able to help.


can paste your screenshot here? but I afraid that has been the problem it won’t auto expand the height


I just direct messaged you as well. Is there any plan to fix the problem in the near future? I am going to have to use the Markdown text render instead, and recode all my databases


I am having the same issue. Can anyone suggest a solution/work around?

Thank you