NocoderHQ HTML Renderer

Hello. I try to link an email address and wanted to use NocoderHQ HTML Renderer as a component. Is it not possible to add Magic Text to the NocoderHQ HTML Renderer? Does anyone have experience with it? As soon as I add the Magic Text, my HTML is misformatted. I just tried something like that:

<a href="d">d</a>

hi, I m the owner of NocoderHQ HTML Renderer, it doesn’t support partial HTML, I assume you try to do contact ? if you put the whole html as one magic text then it will work.

Thx for writing me back. I just wanted to wrap the email address as a link on a “member” page. Is there a work around? I can not to everything as magic text.

Special Links: Email, Text (SMS), and Phone - Adalo Resources.

why not use the email link ?

Thx. I did add an icon in front of it. I dint wanted to use the buttons because of layout purposes.

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