Long text, how are you handling it?

Hiya guys, how are most of you handling long format text? I would like to add my privacy policy but NoCoder HTML Renderer doesn’t scroll native builds, only PWA… further pasting this block of text in the DB produces the “current email exists” bug and pasting it directly in the text component is unmanageable as you can’t edit efficiently.

Any help would be awesome here as I would rather keep the user in the app itself.


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I’m using the markdown component. It’s glitchy but it does work for this purpose.


Cheers will try it. thx

Yeah unfortunately this isn’t a solid option for anything over 200 words, it stretches way past the screen window making editing text difficult.

I’m genuinely surprised this hasn’t really been brought up before, only a couple old threads that are now unfortunately locked.

Will have to link to an external page I guess.

@tbel I think the email exists bug was solved yesterday.

Ok good to know, will test again today, thx!

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