In-App Purchases issue


I followed this article Digital Purchases for In-App Purchases - Adalo Resources to implement inn-app purchases function in my app.
But I’m confused about this point “2. Treat Purchases as Restorations - For Non-Consumables and One-time subscriptions … When this is toggled on for a button”.
It’s not possible to toogle on restoration function on a button in Adalo builder. Without restoration button my app was rejected from the AppStore.

Please, help how to resolve restoration button issue?
I tried consumable purchase type, but the app was declined, because actually my purchase is a subscription.

Hi @korrolion,

In my opinion there is a difference in documentation and actual IAP kit behaviour. Seems that documentation describes more “enhanced” version, which allows Subscription purchases.
And current IAP doesn’t have this functionality.

On the good side, as the documentation mentions subscriptions - it may mean that development is in progress, so we may see this functionality soon. But no official dates are announced :frowning:

Best regards, Victor.

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