Deck Swiper - How to set up the Deck Swiper correctly?


Thank you to the Adalo community and this forum which is very helpful !

I’m implementing a clothes Marketplace, using Adalo. I’m using the Deck Swiper, which works very well.
What I want to do:

  • When an user likes a product using the deck swiper, there is an action that tags the product as “liked” by the user.
  • I don’t want the deck swiper to show two times a product.

How can I set up the deck swiper and the database in order to implement it ?
It tried using a true false/false property in the product table, but it didn’t work.

Any ideas ?

Thank you !

Hi @Atelier72,

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Are you storing the liked products in a many to many relationship ( many to many relationship between Products and Users collections ) property? If it is you can filter the deck swiper with that property as Current Product > Users > Does not contain > Logged in user.

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera ,

It works ! thank you. But I have an another problem. :laughing:

I created an action: When all the products have beeen swiped by the user, there is a link action to a screen which says “all of the products have been swiped”.

When I go back to the home screen, and then go back to the swipe page, the deck swiper is white, as if it doesn’t work:

How can I do resolve this problem ?

Thank you !

Hello, can you please share an image for the Deck swiper’s configuration?

Thank you!

Hello @Ali-Bazzi,

There it is:



Thanks !

Any ideas ?

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