I've connected my app to strip,peer to peer purchase requests , and confirmations

Hello All,

I’m trying to create a user marketplace through stripe and I’m looking for resources on how to execute a peer to peer transaction after connecting to stripe.

I’d like to initiate a chat prior to the transaction and allow the user selling the product to grant access to processing the transaction after confirming price details with the user purchasing the product. Similar to the way an airbnb host can confirm or deny potential clients after discourse. Does anyone have any suggestions or resources?

I’ ve connected my website to stripe so that users can connect their own accounts but I’m having trouble figuring out how to establish price that allows for an avenue of actual purchase when users created an item.

Can you explain the flow you want to this to take so that I have a better understanding of the requirements.


  1. The buyer clicks purchase
  2. The seller initiates a chat with the buyer and then has the ability to “confirm” this purchase is possible.
  3. Confirming the purchase allows the buyer to enter a stripe payment.

This is kind of the flow I presume after reading your description but I am not certain and require some clarification.

Hello Colin,

So you are very close in your example.

I want the buyer click purchase. I want this click to initiate the chat with the seller as opposed to the seller initiating the chat. The seller then has the ability to “confirm” or “deny” this purchase.

Confirming the purchase allows the buyer to enter the stripe payment.

Thanks again for all the help and support.

Ok this is what you need…

  1. You need to have a True / False property attached to each “Item” (being purchased). Call it “Approved”.

  2. You need to have a relational property in the user collection to the “Item” collection for the creator of that item for sale. Call this property “Creator”.

  3. On the “Buy” button, you need to link to the chat. You can follow a full tutorial on how to setup a conversation between users here: How to add Chat to your App - Adalo Resources

  4. Add a button in this chat screen, call it “Confirm”. Set a visibility rule of this button that …will be visible if “Logged in User is equal to Item’s Creator”. That way, only the creator of the item for sale will see this button.

  5. Create an action on this button that will “Update” the “Current Item” record and set the “Approved” field to be true.

  6. Add another button to this chat screen. Call it “Complete purchase”. Set visibility of this button to only show when the "Current item’s “Approved” is TRUE.

  7. On the payment screen, add a visibility rule to the stripe component to be visible when the “Approved” field is set to true. Also create another text component on this screen that says “The seller has not authorised the payment process yet” and set the visibility rule to be the opposite of the stripe one so that it only shows when the seller has not yet approved it.

I think that should cover it!

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Thank you so much! I’ll be back with more questions if I have any! This is greatly appreciated!

It works! I was even able to implement an application process prior an inbox and finally the chat.

My only Issue is the message box prior to button visibility my the buyer messages are cut off.

Glad you got the rest working! Can you share a screenshot of the new issue?

I found the issue, It was my fault. When text boxes overlap with other text boxes or buttons the lay out of page doesn’t line up with what I expect when i preview the site. I figured it out though, thank you!

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