Sell items with Stripe without customer signup

When making a Store using the Stripe Payment Component for one-time items:

Is it possible to sell items on public pages? (without buyers needing to register)
Maybe I missed something…


If email is required by Stripe then that is out of our control. You would need to check their documentation for that. But from our side, we allow you to enter any information in the buyer’s email field. I’m sure it cannot be blank but there is nothing stopping you to enter any info in that field.

Thanks @Colin

Yes Email is required by Stripe so will have them register and then buy.

If in future the Stripe Marketplace component can have an extra field to take the email then this might allow a sale without registering?


Do you mean that your users required to register with Stripe? or to register by your app?

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Thanks @KenanDada

I’m thinking that my app is to sell items.

So I wanted users to see my app and buy things without registering. But looks like they have to register first? The app itself will be free. But the items in the app are paid for.

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