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I’ve been building a job board for my employees. I must admit it has been quite a learning experience but still face problems that I can’t possibly solve on my own.

Could you help me with the following problem:

I have a one log-in screen which determines via T/F if the user is admin or not. If the user is an admin, then will be moved to a screen that allows the user to add a new job for the employees to pick.

Admin screen contains working unit, date of shift and possible job related details. Admin fills each section and with clicking “submit” button this information should be transferred to a job board for employees to choose.

First of these sections should be seen on the “main job board”-list and details can be seen if employee pushes the “detail”-button.

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Hi @KLKL ,

Depending on what you have established, but it can be another status after admin has reviewed, this boolean status can then be used to filter from the employee screen for job list.

I have made some progress but there still is work to be done.

I made database collection for clients, which determines working unit and details.

Two questions:

Can I determine specific working unit and details through dropdown menu. Only date and shift time are variable. I think this would be accomplished through Magic text?

Can I do the following:

  1. dropdown: Business name, for example Business A
  2. dropdown: region
  3. Dropdown: unit

After choosing business A, it would only shown regions in which I have dealings with this particular business A? Same for units, after choosing region, app would show the units that are my clients.

Unit, date and shift would be seen on the job board and details can be seen after clicking “more info” button.

Also it seems that I have to log in two times in preview mode.

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To filter using dropdown, you need to select the field in that collection with other component in other dropdown.

Basically, dropdown is listed in other component, you will see the word selected.

To manipulate date and time, you can convert them into numbers, just add a field as numbers and update them with date and time, you will see a number there.

For login 2 times, use redirect screen in login as temporary screen for conditional linking to other screens. Link action with conditional after login action is not respected first time round, probably there is a delay to identify logged in user status.

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