Job Board Function

Hi guys, I hope everyone is sane and safe.

I’d like to build an area within my app where people who’ve paid for the privilege can post a job position, and people with a regular subscription can view and apply. Can anyone help with this? Maybe point me towards something similar that I can copy? I’m sure the functionality exists…

Thanks in advance

Hi. For this you just need a few true/false fields.

Create a true/false field in the user collection called ‘user paid’. So when a user logs in, you can have a ‘post new job’ button that links to a new job post screen that only shows if logged in user > ‘user paid to post jobs’ = true.

To only show jobs to people who pay you can do the same as above or you can filter a list to to only show records if logged in user > ‘user paid’ = true.

Hope this helps

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