Help with custom action (sengrid)

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Please bear in mind that I have no idea about coding, and have only got this far by copy and pasting and a little bit of logical thinking!!!

This custom action for sending a site report was working yesterday (and has been for months), today it’s not, does anyone have any ideas??!!

Thanks in advance

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Hi same for me, all my custom action (create Airtable record are not working), I copied all the same configuration on Postman to test and it works fine.

the error I get when trying to RUN TEST REQUEST on ADALO custom action:

An error occurred when performing your API request

Request failed with status code 422
URL Called:
[type or paste code here](
Full Response:

  "error": {
    "message": "Could not parse request body"

what I have in the json body (same as on successful Postman test)

{"fields": {
        "item-link": [
        "quantity": 20,
        "order-link": [

Hey, it’s been reported by @Victor on the Adalo slack channel that some API calls are having issues when passing JSON. I can also confirm I have this issue on my end.

We will update the forum when we know more from the Adalo team.


Aha I see, thanks, so is the issue with Adalo then not sendgrid?

Thanks for the fix, custom action working again 100%

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Yes, it was an Adalo issue. There has now been a fix deployed by the team

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