JSON response works, but no data

I’m trying to get the photos from the Yelp api, and it seems to work everywhere I’ve tested it, but Adalo.

I enter the api url and I pass in the restaurant ID:

I seem to HAVE to use the photos results key, otherwise it throws an error (I think because there is not a single top-level key wrapper):

This gives me a successful response:

Notice that photos results key wasn’t the top level (but it does house the URLs I’m trying to snag, so I went with it):

But even though I had a successful test and see the exact data in the response I’m looking for, the collection appears empty and I can’t access the photos:

So I’m wondering if there’s a different way to grab the entire response instead of filtering to the ‘photos’ results key (leaving results key blank throws error and won’t accept, but still shows me the response data oddly enough) — OR, is this having trouble because photos seems to use brackets instead of braces? Yelp’s api response does seem a bit sloppy in format, but as I mentioned, it works everywhere else I try to hit the api.

I appreciate any help.

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This is a little bit of a tricky one. One of the current limitations of Adalo is “nested arrays” and how it handles them. Since the “photos” results key doesn’t have parameters and only values, Adalo doesn’t know what data to use.

If you remove the results key and leave that spot empty, Adalo will grab the responses with the parameters, however, it will only grab the first photo in the nested array. Adalo will only send the first child parameter of a nested array.

For example: “Categories” results key has 2 records but it will only display the first set of data where alias = streetvendors and title = Street Vendors. The 2nd record with tacos will not be pulled into the collection.


Thank you for the insight! Do we know if there are plans to enhance the api capabilities to account for things like this? And do you see any way forward of being able to get the photos out of this fetch request?


I’m not sure. It’s an issue that I’ve brought to the attention of the Adalo staff before but I have not heard any ideas of how this can be resolved.

I brought this up at the town hall back in March but there were other critical issues that needed to be addressed first.

Since this type of situation varies by use case, I was only able to provide 2 scenarios where this issue has actually affected my apps. I don’t believe anyone else had submitted any information pertaining to this matter whereas there were things that multiple users felt were a higher priority.

It may be a good idea to bring this up at the next town hall meeting.

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