Open specific page depending on what one picked from a list


In the app I am creating I have a “Category” collection, “Books” collection, “Dog book” collection and “Cat book” collection.

Category 1-* Books
Book 1-* Cat Books (Can’t make it 1-1)
Book 1-* Dog Books (Can’t make it 1-1)

I first list all the categories, a user picks a category, then he/she picks a book (from the listed books) from the category (book about cats for example), this would open the page I have created which includes cat info. If user instead picked the book about dogs, I want it to open the page with dog info.

How do I accomplish this in Adalo?
Would rebuilding the database help somehow?

All help is appreciated.


You can do this with conditionals on the screen action.

So if there were only a few options this works fine.

Navigate to dog books happens sometimes (IF user selected dog)
Navigate to cat books happens sometimes (IF user selected cat)

Hi @theadaloguy, thanks for the response!

Let’s see if I understood this correct.

Adding the “Sometimes” checking if current book equals to Dogs should take me to “Dog book” right?
Right now, nothing happens when clicking the dog book, the condition is not true.

I also wonder, why would this only work if there are a few options? Is it because of performance issues if I have many animal books with plenty of actions?

Because you don’t want to manually create loads of ‘sometimes’ options.

I don’t understand why you have 3 database tables here.

Why not have 1 table called books, and then have a text property called ‘type of book’. Then you don’t need separate pages for cats and dogs.

At most just have one books table, and one category table.

Then if you click throught a list of categories, you can have the list show only books from that category.

Thanks alot @theadaloguy! Works as I want it to now.

The only answer I can give you to why I had three tables is probably because Adalo is new to me and I was overthinking :slight_smile:

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