Using Lists to Link to Screens within app

Sorry guys, I have looked all over this forum for this answer, but nothing quite answers it. Maybe I missed it… I’m new to the Adalo software.

Anyways, can anyone explain how you use a list to link to screens within the app. I have a small book and my list is the “chapters” of the book. I want each chapter that’s listed to link to its appropriate page (screen) on the app. That’s it.

The problem is that my database/collection allows me to create a text component but not a link component—I can to an external site, but it does not give an option to link to an internal screen, and I don’t think that “relationships” will help with this as each chapter is specific to it’s page.

Any thoughts?

Hey there @JTMartinson Welcome to the community :sunglasses:

Start with the database:
You have a collection of books, chapters, and pages.
Books has a one-to-many relationship with chapters (Book can have many chapters, chapters belong to 1 book)
Chapters has a one-to-many relationship with pages (Chapters can have many pages, pages belong to 1 chapter)

Then the screens:
Screen 1, list of books. When clicked, link to screen 2 which contains a list of Current Book > Chapters.
Screen 2’s list of chapters when clicked, link to screen 3 with a list of Current Chapter > Pages.
Screen 3’s list of pages can link to screen 4 with individual pages.

There is no such thing as a “link component”, you just add an action to any component by clicking on a component and scrolling to the “Click Actions” on the left sidebar. You can add a link/action to just about any component.

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Thanks! I got up to “screen 3”, but that’s where I’m stumped. You say, “Screen 3’s list of pages can link to screen 4 with individual pages.” How? The “individual” page thing is what I can’t figure out. Because if I’m tracking you correctly, you’re saying Screen 4 will have another list? I don’t need another list on Screen 4, what I need is to be able to click on the page number from Screen 3’s list and go to that page—which will be its own screen.

Got it! The relationship allows me to designate which chapters go to which pages. And if I have a column of just 1 and only 1 allowed item from a list, it’ll be the page that I wanted.


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Cool, glad you got it :slight_smile:

Okay, so I’m running into a problem with the database/collections when referring to book/chapters/pages. Here’s the issue: there’s no way to customize any of the “pages”. Basically, from what I’ve discovered is that everything has to be run through the database/collections, which only allow me to have basic text, images, etc. I can’t customize anything. For example, my hope was to click on a “next” button to go to the next page of the chapter, but the problem is that all my pages exist on “one” screen because of the way relationships work within the collections—meaning, when I put a “next” button at the bottom of the screen which shows the relationship of pages to chapters, that button exists (along with its link to page 1 of chapter 1) whenever any page shows up… whether is page 5 of chapter 4. How do you get around this?

Also, can you only have one screen dedicated to a particular list. I’ve tried multiple screens that have the same list, but it always ever only goes to one… even when I add different filters on the various screens.

Here’s a link to a screen recording explaining my issue. Screen Recording 2022-09-26 at 3.33.49

I don’t understand why you want different collections for each chapter.

For me, I like things as simple as possible. I’d only use 1 collection for all books, 1 collection for all chapters, and 1 collection for all pages. Then add the relationship parameters that I mentioned before.

You also don’t need multiple screens for multiple chapters if you break it down like that. You only need 1 screen for all books which links to the screen which contains all chapters for that book. Then, the chapters links to the page view screen.

You’ll need to add a “Next Page” button to this screen. This button should be a list of current chapter pages where page number is greater than the current page number and sorted low to high with 1 item displayed only. That button should link to a blank “loading” screen which links to the page view screen again but with the new page loaded.

Feel free to reach out to me for a mentoring session if you’re still stuck on this one.

I got it. I hadn’t created numbered pages yet, just text fields and a “text” feature where I put the page number on it. I went back and added a “number” component and now all works great. Thanks a ton!!!

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