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Hi All, newbie question, but is there a way to ‘justify’ the text alignment? I.e have it distributed evenly between the two margins, with a crisp edge of each side?

Below are two images, the left on is how things look currently, the second is a mock-up of how I’d like it to look.

If you compare the right hand edge of the text in the pictures you’ll see what I mean.

If this feature is not available, is it planned or is it not something app designers tend to use?




Right now justify feature is not available in text property (You can upvote here - https://ideas.adalo.com/feature-requests/p/justify-text-style) but instead of using text component if you want to show only text you can use the new HTML component & use below code :point_down:

<p align="justify">Welcome To Justify Text.</p>


Thank you, ishantanusrivastava, that is very helpful.

As far as I can see from some experimentation the HTML solution works for only one line of text is that correct? If the text is too long it seems to revert to left aligned. Unfortunately the text I want to display is a single database entry that spans multiple lines. Is it possible to have multiple lines justified? Is it a matter of tweaking of the HTML, or not possible?

Thanks again, I appreciate it.


Hmm, strange previously it works but now it’s not, I think right now multiline is not supporting in HTML component. I would suggest you to go with the image means prepare an image with texts & upload it (Only for static things)

Thanks for your help on this. Much appreciated.


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