Keep user logged in suddenly stopped?

Hiya guys, so today all of a sudden after logging out intentionally to test a feature, my app no longer remembers me when I log back in.

Yup the screens are setup, but it keeps dumping me back to the Welcome screen… any ideas?


Hi @tbel,

This happened to me several times as well.
I suspect that the problem is caused by large number of apps, which, in turn, leads to some error in the browser while storing session token (most probably you’ll see it in the Developer console).

Clearing cache and session storage usually helps (you can select only Adalo-related things to clear).

Best regards, Victor.

Yup makes sense, I’ll try that! Yes it only appears to be in the Browser. PWA seems fine.

Thx @Victor

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Quick update to let you know that worked :+1: Thx

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