Keep User Signed In

Hello, it appears that every time our users open the app they need to sign in every time. We have a paywall, but is there a way to keep them logged in to avoid this extra step every time they want to use it?


Hi @seanmaclean,

Does your Login or Signup screen is also set-upped to Home screen? Maybe some more info?

Thank you

Thanks Dilon,

There is a pay wall using IAPHub. If the user has a subscription and access, they should be lead to the “main page”. There is an action in place for this however it leads them to sign-in every time.

Sean, is it possible to show your setup and the behavior through a recording?

hey, I can try and do that. one thing I just thought of is maybe my “main” screen needs to be set up as home? or will that mess up the sign-up process for the first time users?

If you use the splash screen as the home screen also then the logged in users also has to pass this screen each time they open. If you need it to be the home screen too you could try visibility conditions for logged in users and not logged in users using logged in user’s email > is equal to empty for not logged in users and not equal to logged in users.

which will then just lead “subscribed logged in users” directly to the main page instead of signing in again? Will this also require another build/app approval or will it be automatically detected?

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