Welcome screens before signup/login screen

Good day, everyone,

To reduce user friction after app installation (and before sign-up), I want to offer an onboarding sequence to the app. After this sequence, the new user will be asked to sign up. If I’m not mistaken, I can set the first onboarding screen as a welcome screen, meaning that users will have to start their journey there before they sign up.

However, I’m reluctant to do this because I’d like the welcome screen for the ‘already signed up - but logged out’ user to be the screen that redirects users either to the login screen or sign-up screen in 1 step (to avoid having the user go through the whole onboarding again).

Is there a way to do this? For your information, I’m also using IAPHUB, so my “home screen” is already assigned to the IAPHUB Start module.

Many thanks for your ideas and suggestions :slight_smile:


Create an “Onboarding Complete: true / false” option in your User database. When a user has completed the onboarding, set an action to mark “onboarding complete” as True.

Put a blank “user direct” screen before the onboarding screen (set as the home screen) with automated actions when a user visits the screen. If onboarding completed is marked as true, direct them to the login screen. If false, direct them to the onboarding.

I have my “home screen” set several screens prior to the IAPHub with various redirects, IAPHub will still work correctly.

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