Knowledge is power! Let’s talk!

Hey you guys! I’m just about done wrapping up on a pretty big project I have been working for the past year and a half… this includes testing and updates/changes to backend and front end! I really tried to push the limits of what Adalo can do!

Was wondering if any developers here would like to get together via zoom/Skype biweekly to talk everything Adalo. Share ideas, ask questions, showcase projects, and share any tips and tricks to get what you want out of Adalo! After all we are a community!

If anyone would be interested DM me or reply in this thread! I would love to have some peeps who like to do this! We would get to know other developers and see how to solve problems from more than just prospective!


Hey Jacob,

Congrats on finishing the project!

This sounds like a cool idea, what if there was a group chat or something. Just like how the Component Developers have the Slack chat.

Is there one for app developers? if not there should be! Then it can evolve into zooms naturally which would be perfect.

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Also, i would be keen to see your project. What is it called?

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Great Idea! Working as a team is wonderful! Count me Jacob! :muscle: When? :upside_down_face:


@Archer it’s called LaMusix! It’s a student/teacher accountability booster with features that include creating resources, assignments, and activities. Students can log practice time and have constant access to music/files/videos to assist in practice at home. I will share a link in a few days with a demo log in if anyone wants to check it out!

Hey @dilon_perera, I’m. It sure exactly when but like @Archer said if we don’t have a slack channel for developers we can make one first and from there depending on how many people are interested we can set some up some meetings!

I’m excited for this and hope people will join in! I believe it’ll bring us together and be super Benificial for all Adalo developers! New and old!

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Hey @Jacob_Lange, the app sounds great.

I think we should get this group set up, I think it’s a brilliant idea.

What do you think? DM me and we can try set something up on slack or something

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we have groups for Slack?

@AndreasAyoCruz we sure do! You can join here…

@AndreasAyoCruz this group in particular we’ve created for Adalo developers.