Label character limit

I’m on the free account. When I try to write something on the text component, and I write the 36th character, it erases that last word. What should I do?

Hola, tested on Text field, Free plan too…

one way would be : add extra label fields like this
thrd line

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In the left panel, select the style button for the text component and check the multi-line box.

CHK( it was ckecked already)

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Oh, damned… Weird! :open_mouth:

Ok, so i got it. You have to manually create the line by pressing Enter XD
So when you can´t keep writing, you hit Enter/Return and keep writing on the next line ;p

or you can drag & drop a label field from the component menu… modify its colour/style than do a Copy/Paste to create 2nd, third field with same style - thats how I do it.