Lag when adding tags

I built a review app. When reviewing an item, people can add tags to their review. There’s a search box that lets them search all existing tags, then when they click a tag, it’s added to the current review.

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 2.55.51 PM

I have the mechanics of this figured out, and technically it is working, but it feels like there’s quite a lag between the time someone clicks on a tag and when it appears as one of the tags in the list of tags associated with their review. In the build for my real app, it feels even slower.

Does anyone have tips / suggestions, whether to speed this up or to make it feel more natural? For example, if I can’t fix it, maybe I should be showing a Loading graphic for a second after clicking a tag?

I made a basic cloneable app here that is a stripped down version of this functionality. Choose an item and type something in the tag list to search the tags (tags in my database include fun, useful, blue). Then click a tag to add it to your review.

Thanks in advance!