Like/Favorite system is PAINFULLY slow

The lag is at least 5 seconds from when a user “likes” an item to the heart icon changes to “Active”

Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix on my end, or is this a server issue?

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I’m assuming you’re talking about basic visibility components based on selection.

Yes, there’s a lag for any custom component / icon or a toggle. It’s not just you facing issue, it’s a general problem.

Sometimes due to lag user gets no feedback that updates and visibility condition checks are actually happening, and they click on same element twice or multiple times, that negates the intended action.

My workaround is I take the user away from the action screen to an ‘updating’ modal screen, where I actually perform the update, and then automatically link back to original screen after update is over. It gives some time to visibility condition check to execute and at least that way user doesn’t continue clicking. Not the best UX, but have to workaround due to performance issues (covered extensively in other forum topics).

Would like to learn from other users what are their workarounds.


We are aware of the performance issues users are experiencing and we are working towards making large improvements to these issues in the coming months. It is our highest priority.


OMG, coming MONTHS ??? :frowning:
This is not good to my business, i already lost 2 clients, please do something about this.

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