Loading feature

when I click on icon which creates a database, user can not get to know in back end it is updating the database.

Is it possible to show loading or gif while app performing some back end process?

Please anybody knows how to achieve this let me get some knowledge.

Thanks in advance

Hello @Anilspr888, unfortunately that is something that we currently don’t have actions for, however, if that is something that you’d like to see implemented in Adalo feel free to submit a feature request at https://ideas.adalo.com

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Are you just needing some extra time? Could maybe pop up a modal that has a dismiss button on it so they have to click it to buy you a little time?

Curious - why do you need this, or what are you trying to do?

@TonyD Hello Tony,

What I’m trying ask is, suppose if user click on add to cart and in back end if it is creating a record on 2 or 3 tables it takes time. But user will not get to know that something is processing in back end. In the mean time if the user click on some other button it won’t navigate to that page immediately as it is processing in the back. So user will go on confuse state that app is not responding

Hmm so if your running into that kind of lag, I’d try the modal thing… once they click have it load a modal, or go to a new page that says thanks for you order, this will take a few seconds to do. Please close this. CLOSE - then have that go to a new screen that would show the order, with a note to say if the order isn’t there to wait a second or two and pull down to refresh.

A bit of a hack, but should help.

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