Wrong store language. APPLE Answers

Goodmorning everyone,
in the last few days I have fought with the customer service for apple developer because my app despite having correctly configured the primary language (ITALIAN), the language always appeared on the store: ENGLISH.

After several calls they tell me that the language depends on the package created in Xcode.
I report their answer and I believe that Adalo should grant the choice of language to us developers. Because otherwise our apps will always be published with the primary language ENGLISH even if they are not and this IS a BAD for our users / customers, because they can be dismissed thinking that the app is not in the language of their country.


I was able to consult with the Senior Advisor, and can therefore invite you to consult the information below: The languages listed for your app in the App Store are determined by the localization folders (.lproj) present in your app package. Any missing or invalid localizations in the app package are usually due to an incorrect configuration of the localizations in the Xcode project.

So there is nothing we can do, no editable settings on Appstore Connect, testFlight … nothing, Adalo has to intervene!

Update…this is very important for Europe User…

I thought I was the only one who noticed this problem. Instead I have learned this I’m even more angry! absolutely not good!

Adalo do you intervene? It seems so obvious

@Victor have you seen this as an issue for other European languages?

I know plenty of apps have been published in Spanish…

Apple told me that the language shown on APPSTORE (in the APP presentation screen) comes from the bundle created in xcode.

You have to set the desired language there, in my case it should be ITALIAN.

Now I find my application in ITALIAN with written on the presentation that it is in ENGLISH as the main language!

Can you please help me?

Apple told me that it does not matter to set the primary language in appstore connect (where you set all the info for the app) because the language is automatically taken from the bundle created (in this case from the bundle that adalo sends to Apple for me)

As far as I know - app makers here in Russia simply select Russian as language, but then AppStoreConnect changes the language to English automatically.
Though it doesn’t prevent the app from publishing, except that some components (like calendar) are in English.

Best regards, Victor.

By the way, just as a reminder - posting on the Forum doesn’t always mean that the bug/problem/issue is known by Adalo team and is being worked on (or put to a queue).

@miticobeppe did you submit a ticket for this?

Also - please consider upvoting this feature request on canny: Support for Multiple Languages | Voters | Adalo (the only one with reasonable amount of voices I’ve found).


you said right this does not invalidate the publication, but it is ugly to see! our APP is in ITALIAN and not good that it comes out written “ENGLISH” especially after apple told me that this depends on the bundle created in XCODE.

I enclose some screenshots where you can see: (sorry for the censorship, but my client doesn’t want to advertise the app and logos until he is ready with the marketing campaign)

In my app store connect (after careful analysis also by Apple) I confirm that all the settings are set to ITALIAN

Upp…any update???

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