Larger video uploads

Hey everyone. Have functionality in the app for user uploaded videos. Works ok for up to ~20MB with some of the major file formats.

Looking to speed things up from an upload process, potentially show a progress bar in the upload, and also increase max upload size/auto compress files as they are uploaded. Any suggestions for more advanced video tools that can be integrated without too much trouble?

Hey, personally I use Adalify by @theadaloguy works really well for c large files. Also links with AWS S3 so storage is unlimited.

The built in Adalo file picker last I tried only works with a small file size 20-30mb or maybe a little more. Adalify has worked well for me with the API uploader.


Thanks Keith.

@jromeo80 see this screenshot below showing uploading a 63mb file with progress bar via Adalify.


Love the progress bar for sure. Is that a modal that pops up? Also how long for the 63 mb to upload?

Pretty quick. The file uploader works faster than the normal Adalo upload.the screenshot is from the demo video here so you can see how long it takes to upload:

The uploader is in a WebView.

This seems like it could be a great option for us. Thanks for sending over!

Last question. I have a scenario where a content manager can create updates that have images, video, or audio to display in a users feed. Right now, I have a wonky set up with three different screens (1 for each media type) in the content managers update workflow…The content manager has to choose which type of media they want to upload which drives them to the right screen to upload. On the end user side, I have three components (video player, audio player, image component) stacked and they are made visible based on what media is uploaded. Is there a way you can think of here that would streamline this? For instance, I would love the content manager to be able to upload any file type on one screen using adalify and the database be able to capture what type of media it is so it will display properly on the end users feed. Any thoughts?

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The way you have it set up now kind of makes sense in terms of Adalo’s out of the box functionality.

With Adalify you could have just 1 upload screen, eliminating a bit of clunkiness. The custom action which generates the uploader could be different for each media type. So your add image button generates an uploader that only accepts images, video button creates uploader that only accepts mp4 etc. This would be nice by keeping your UI consistent too.

On the UI side in terms of having video player, audio player or image, I don’t know of another way at the moment

This all makes sense. Thanks so much. May start dabbling with the adalify uploader to see if I can streamline things. Also, I have every user using compressors right now to get the videos down and thats a nightmare…would love to get rid of that for them.

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Yes you can use large files then maybe compress yourself on the back end. Not supported by Adalify itself but you could use integromat etc to automate it.