Where to keep uploaded media?

I’m creating social media app where people can upload videos.

  • How to add validate before sending video? (or converter to cut videos to some size, for example up to 50mb)
  • Where can I keep media in Pro account to be able to store more videos? Few Gb.

Nobody will help? Please support, provide me info.

Hi @Dawid,

  • I don’t think it is possible to check for file size before uploading it to Adalo db
  • upload of large-sized files may not work well due to timeouts (I don’t have detailed info how this work from technical side, but it seems there are some timeouts for upload process)
  • to avoid keeping media files in Adalo storage, you can move them to AWS S3 (for example). The logic will be something like: upload file to Adalo → run Custom Action calling Integromat scenario → in this scenario move the file to S3.

I remember that @JL_LJ had made a tutorial on that, but I can’t find it at the moment.

Best regards, Victor.

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Hi @Dawid,
Thanks for the callout @Victor :slight_smile: ,
I do have a method with Integromat, you can find here Storing Media in AWS S3 with Integromat and Adalo - YouTube
I have a better method, but I am involved in a very big project in other platform that I didn’t have time for more videos. I hope in next 2 weeks I get back in track.