Formatting Dates to non-American display -> DD/MM/YYYY

Hi Adalorians,

is it possible to set the Date Settings to display DD/MM/YYYY instead of the US format of MM/DD/YYY ? I am in need of dates, that cannot be confused… (European notation is just different).

If not, please implement. It’s critical and shouldnt be too difficult to do :slight_smile:

Oh, I just noticed, that it is discplaying DD/MM/YYYY in the preview despite showing MM/DD/YYYY. Is that intended? :slight_smile: If so, what are the conditions?

Yes I would like to have records in the DD/MM/YYYY format too as the default is only USA format

Hello, I don’t know if it’s like that for you, but I was also in doubt at the beginning.
Ai noteique in the manufacturer, and in the visualization in the Adalo emulator, the date is standard (USA), but when we “compile” the application and install it directly on our cell phone, it adapts itself to the standard date format of the cell’s country of origin that is being used.

You’ll need to check your settings on your PC. I’ve got my computer set up for UK/Europe and it shows dd/mm/yyyy correctly everywhere, including the emulator/preview and UI.

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