Layering sometimes visible images

I need to layer 3 icons over each other.


If an audio file is posted, then the audio icon will display. The problem is I have text on the right side of the icon that is moving over the icons. I trade making a group, didn’t work. Any suggestions?

Not sure how you implemented it, but you should create 3 groups, one for each icon+text couple. Then apply your visibility criteria to each group.

I am using the same mechanism in my app too, and it works smoothly.

Hope it helps

I don’t have icons sitting on top of eachother, i have them sitting below eachother (snapped to the border of the above icon). If the above icons aren’t visible, the icons should move up and take their place.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks

Hello, if the icons have visibility conditions, it’s better to put them above each other not over each other in order to maintain the same design.

Thank you!

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