Design difference between preview and first TestFlight

Ciao a tutti!
Yesterday I did my first test through the App Store’s TestFlight feature. Well, excitement was running high :slight_smile:

Too bad, however, that I found several problems only from the layout point of view. And I was a little disappointed.
I had tested the design several times via preview directly on the smartphone. And it was always perfect just as I had designed it.

Now I will have to spend a lot of time fixing this problem, partly because I will have to intuit what the solutions might be.
The only ones I can think of is to create groups of items and turn off the auto width of some items.

Do any of you happen to have any other suggestions?
Thank you all for your help :slight_smile:

This happens a lot. I’d also appreciate any guidance on this sort of issue.

I am solving by making changes by posting in steps on TestFlight… but I have strong doubts when it will be Android’s turn… I don’t have any device with that environment and won’t have a way to verify.

For now, I have seen that by disabling auto-width, adding invisible funds to manage alignments, and creating groupings, most problems are solved.

In any case, Adalo definitely needs to remedy this by adding margin management and alignment of elements by columns or rows…


You are not wrong! I just ran my first TestFlight and I have to say, I am extremely disappointed with how things are working out. Almost nothing looks like it does in the Adalo testing, and I do mean nothing!

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