Edit News Feed (card list) Item

I have a newsfeed screen in my app. I have it set up as a card list. I have another screen the add news screen that lets me add/create a new feed item. I’m trying to set up a screen to edit the item. I have the collection pointed to the news & update form, but the form only gives me an option to create a new one and not update it.

This is the update form screen that the edit button is pointing to

I’m also trying to get the edit button to stay at the bottom of the card list, but it keeps moving.

Hi Dani,

You have added the Card List and added two Icons right? That won’t work. To do like that you need a custom list. If you have enabled the Card List’s icons then it will work. ( First Icon,Second Icon )

Thank you

So the problem with enabling the card list icon’s is I only need it visible to certain users and I’m not seeing an option for that. Only certain users can edit the newsfeed.

Then you need to add the Custom List

is there a walkthrough to show me how to do this?

Thank you so much

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Your Welcome!

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