Adalo App is not very responsive?

Hey guys, does anyone know how to fix the issue of the app needing a few seconds to load data? I tried using Pragma Flow’s preloader but I just got the white screen of death until I removed it.

Just going from tab to tab takes about 1-2 seconds…

Hey there @cutefatboy

I have not experienced any issues yesterday or today. It would be helpful if you provided a video recording of your issue so that we can see exactly what’s going on.

Keep in mind that performance-related issues are one of the biggest focuses of Adalo’s this year.

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Hey @Flawless , I realized it was probably because I was trying to load too many lists with too many images. I had about 6 lists with 4-6 categories. (So 24-30 ish lists with even more lists inside of them).

I just had to remove tons of things but it should be fine now

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