Let's Encrypt certificate error on Adalo app

@Ben is there perhaps an issue right now with LE failing to update certs automatically? I’m getting this error when accessing our app via Chrome desktop:

Let’sEncrypt doesn’t automatically renew certs. Did you install certbot in order automatically renew your cert?

I setup LE on my root domain and the cert there automatically renews and is current. As best I can tell this is on the app.charitymakeover.org subdomain and something that Adalo configures when you first add your custom domain.

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Very well could be and makes perfect sense. Thanks for the information.

@Ben @jeremy This quietly resolved yesterday. Can I please get a post-mortem on root cause for why LE cert was expired for 3 days effectively blocking access to our app in Chrome & Firefox? thanks

Hey @grid7 we’re very sorry for what happened here. It seems like our certificates were not being auto-renewed properly before, but going forward they’ll be auto-renewed every 45 days (they expire in 90 days).