SSL certificate expired - adalo refresh not working

Woke up this morning to our app with custom domain down due to SSL certificate expiry. Tried to do a certificate refresh in adalo and an hour later, no change.

Anyone experienced this before?

I issued a trouble ticket to adalo already but they are very poor at responding.

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It happened with my App too (PWA) , but after SSL refresh it took 6 hours to get fixed for me.

My PWA is working fine now.

I have 2 apps that this is currently happening with right now. Refresh supposedly can take up to 24hrs!

Hey @TimSquared,

It looks like our team has responded to each of your tickets quite quickly, so it’s possible our replies are going to your spam folder. I just sent another message, please let us know via PM if you do not receive it and we can look into what might be happening.



I have the same problem for weeks.

I had it few months ago it was fixed by the refresh but now didn’t work

Any help please?

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